About Our Hand Carved Animals

We proudly ethically import the Rrribit brand Hand Carved Wooden Musical Animals from Chiangmai, Northern Thailand. The tribes who hand make these beautiful animals are the Northern Hill Tribe people. The wood is Albizia Saman (Monkey Pod Wood)...a stunning, non-endangered fruit wood found plentifully in Thailand.

Each of the animals we sell sounds very close to the real thing...Frog, Pig, Cricket and Owl Whistle. The Frogs, Pigs and Crickets are rasps whose sounds are created by rubbing the thick side of the included stick, or bat, along the ridges of the animal. For the loudest tone be sure to allow the vibrational points of the animal to remain free while playing. These are also percussion instruments, creating different types of wood block sounds by tapping on the animal with the bat in various places. The tone can be changed by touching any of the vibrational points on the animal, thereby dampening the sounds.

The Owl is a whistle and the hoot is created by blowing into the mouthpiece on the top of the Owl's head. The more force used for blowing, the higher the pitch of the hoot.

Thank You For Your Support and Enjoy!